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Summertime Family Reunions Discover An Easier Way To Share Family History

Ancestry Graphics & Printing provides specialized printing solutions to families who will need to solve the problem of getting their family tree data onto a large printed family tree chart for family reunions this summer.

Winfield, IL (Originally published on May 11, 2005) – Tens of thousands of households will hit the road this summer to attend a family reunion.  It is estimated that over 200,000 families hold a reunion each year with an average of 50 persons attending.  Although the themes and activities at family reunions are as varied as visiting an old family homestead to the time-honored tradition of a weekend barbecue and outdoor games, a printed family tree chart will be the focal point at many of these gatherings.

At many family reunions, these printed genealogy charts provide everyone with easy-to-follow information about recent births, marriages and deaths in the family.  Fancier charts will also include photos of most family members, with some dating back to the mid 1800’s. A printed family tree chart is also a very visually appealing way for everyone to learn more about their family history and common ancestors.  But, in order for any of this to become a reality, the problem many families face will be getting their family tree data out of their software and onto a large family tree chart.  It is especially difficult if this is their first time printing a chart for their family reunion.  Ancestry Graphics & Printing says their service will greatly simplify the process for family reunion goers in search of a solution to this specialized printing problem.

“Genealogy software such as Family Tree Maker, and online ancestry databases have empowered genealogy buffs to build larger family trees than ever before” said Larry Spiegel, the company’s founder.  In most instances, these large family trees are well past the point of printing on standard letter-size paper and taping together.  Most families with large family tree charts spend days trying to correctly line up all of the pages in their chart and tape them together only to end up with disappointing results.  To solve this problem, many people will try and enlist the help of a commercial printer who is capable of doing large format printing.

If you’re wondering just how big some of these printed charts can be, Spiegel said that their largest print job to date was for a family tree that measured 3 & ½ feet tall by 66 feet wide.  Generally speaking, Spiegel said that if your family tree chart measures over about 8 feet wide, you probably won’t be able to get it printed at your local printer or self-serve print shop.  And, with some applications, the limit may be as small as 4 feet.  Printing a wide chart correctly requires that the genealogy software program be installed on the printer’s PC.  Because of growing concerns over third-party software and viruses, it is extremely rare that a commercial printer will run the risk of installing someone else’s software on their system.

Ancestry Graphics & Printing specializes in printing virtually any size family tree directly from all of the most popular genealogy software programs.  Using their printing service, Spiegel said, “individuals are assured that their family tree chart will be printed exactly as they were designed.”  By printing directly from the genealogy data within the software program, individuals eliminate the technical problems and limitations associated with outputting their family tree data to a postscript or PDF file prior to printing.
About Ancestry Graphics & Printing

Ancestry Graphics & Printing serves genealogy customers nationwide and can be found at  In addition to a special page with several practical tips for compiling and displaying your chart at a family reunion, their web site also features many free downloads of genealogy forms, family tree clip art, and gorgeous screensaver images.

Larry Spiegel
Ancestry Graphics & Printing

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