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Family History Month Commemorated with “Dear Ancestor”, a Poignant New YouTube Video from Ancestry Graphics & Printing

Endearing poem put to video reminds viewers to investigate and reflect on their ancestors’ lives.

Winfield, IL (Originally published on October 8, 2013) - Long before Senator Orin Hatch introduced a bill in 2001 to formally recognize October as Family History month, many family historians and genealogists had already followed that long-held tradition.  The shorter days, the change of seasons, and the upcoming family gatherings during the holidays have always spurred thoughts of family for many people even without a nationally recognized month.

To help commemorate Family History month this year, Ancestry Graphics & Printing has just released a video version of the ever endearing poem “Dear Ancestor” on YouTube.  Larry Spiegel, founder of Ancestry Printing said “We put this very poignant and moving poem to music and video as our contribution to Family History month, and to encourage others who are researching their family history to take time out and visit an ancestor’s gravesite soon.  This moving tribute to ancestors is truly one of the most touching poems about the search for ancestors that I’ve ever seen, and will certainly touch anyone’s heartstrings who takes time out this month to reflect on their family’s past.”

If you’ve ever contemplated what the lives of your ancestors was like and how your descendants may view your life, this emotionally stirring poem may make you think of your ancestors in an entirely new perspective.  And, if you’re among those family historians who have already made cemetery visits a part of your genealogy research, you’ll immediately relate to the stirring lines in this gorgeous poem.

Spiegel suggests that if you can’t visit any of your ancestor’s cemeteries this month, commit to visit one in the near future by starting the research you need to do this month.  If you don’t know where your ancestors are interred, there are numerous resources on the internet that include maps and listings of who is buried in many cemeteries including their location by row and section.

“Visiting our own ancestors has been some of the most exciting research we’ve ever done” Spiegel went on to say.  “You’ll be amazed at how you’ll feel and what you might find that can help you with your family history research.   One time we unexpectedly found the father of an ancestor who we went to visit buried right next to him.  His 1812 burial location was not documented anywhere else so it was a wonderful surprise to find him there.”

The “Dear Ancestor” video can be found on YouTube at or by searching for “Dear Ancestor Poem” from within YouTube.  It is also available on the bottom of the poems page at:

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