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Frugal Christmas Shoppers Turn to Gifts from the Heart for Family Members

Ancestry Graphics & Printing provides specialized solutions for frugal Christmas shoppers who are favoring gifts from the heart for family members this holiday season. More genealogy buffs than ever are capitalizing on their years of research to provide family members with the most precious gifts of all. Genealogy is this country’s second most popular and fastest growing hobby.

Winfield, IL (Originally published on November 10, 2008) – Christmas shoppers who have been feeling the pinch of higher energy costs this past year and the fear of continued economic uncertainty are not only scaling back on holiday expenditures this season, but are also turning towards gifts from the heart that are more meaningful and personal in nature. An increasing number of the tens of millions of home-grown genealogists who count themselves among the ranks of this country’s second most popular hobby will be printing family tree charts as gifts for family members again this holiday season. According to Ancestry Graphics & Printing, what makes this Christmas season different is the extreme popularity of genealogy charts as holiday gifts. This is due in part to the rapid growth of genealogy as a hobby and also as a result of the current economic climate.

Past economic cycles reveal that during strained economic times there has always been a trend towards family values, homemade Christmas gifts, and gifts from the heart. For many genealogy buffs, this holiday season presents itself as the perfect opportunity to break from the never-ending cycle of genealogy research and turn the value of their years of research into meaningful gifts for family members. In many families, a printed genealogy chart that shows their family heritage will be a popular gift to parents, grandparents, grown children, brothers & sisters, and aunts & uncles.

The problem many genealogists will face again this year will be getting their family tree data out of their software and onto a large family tree chart in an attractive manner. Ancestry Graphics & Printing says their service will bring cheer to genealogy buffs in search of a solution to this growing problem. “Genealogy software such as Family Tree Maker and online ancestry databases have empowered genealogy buffs to build larger family trees than ever before” said Larry Spiegel, the company’s founder. In most instances, these large family trees are well past the point of printing on standard letter-size paper and taping together. To solve this problem, many people will try and enlist the help of a commercial printer who is capable of doing large format printing without a large price tag.

Generally speaking, Spiegel said that if your family tree chart measures over about 8 feet wide, you probably won’t be able to get it printed at your local printer or self-serve print shop. And, with some applications, the limit may be as small as 4 feet. Printing a wide genealogy chart correctly requires that the genealogy software program be installed on the printer’s PC. Because of growing concerns over third-party software and viruses, it is extremely rare that a commercial printer will even run the risk of installing someone else’s software on their system.

Ancestry Graphics & Printing specializes in printing virtually any size family tree directly from all of the most popular genealogy software programs. Using their printing service, Spiegel said “individuals are assured that their genealogy chart will be printed exactly as they were designed.” By printing directly from the genealogy data within the software program, individuals eliminate the technical problems and limitations associated with outputting their family tree data to a postscript or PDF file prior to printing.

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